Secret Love Letters

by Ryan

Charlie, you were my one and only.

I’ve written this letter over and over again. But you swept me off my feet. Made me feel loved and comforted me just like a good boyfriend should.

And I fell in love with you. I loved you dangerously. I could’ve been in so much trouble. But you were handsome and kind and loving and you understood me. You were my everything.

I remember the night we started talking and when I finally got in contact with you again. It was so amazing. I remember leaving the house and not being able to get that smitten feeling of you off of my aura. The night you asked me to be yours was so exhausting for some reason. It felt like a dream.

I remember all the plans we made. You and I were going to buy an apartment in Sweden. It was going to be you and me and our dog. I remember you wanted a baby. I would’ve loved that with you more than anything.

I remember the bad times. I remember our first and last break. I was in England and you wanted me to go to Sweden so badly. I miss you, I miss being at the airport hoping you would stride along and I would end up seeing you and it would’ve been the best moment of my life.

I will always have those amazing memories. I will always have those late nights. I will always have the love letter you sent me. I will always have the paragraphs I wrote you in the middle of class.

My heaven on earth. I love you. The distance was no match for our love and it never will be.


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