Love Letters to Him

by ZP (Arizona)

Well.. well.. well… The day is finally here!

I only had to wait only 20 years to celebrate our first anniversary!!

One whole year with what feels like a lifetime full of the sweetest memories. I always thought relationships with this kind of love only existed in the romantic comedies. But here we are, living a romantic story of “once upon a time” & “20 years later”.

But the truth is, I’ve never felt more at home with someone mentally, physically, emotionally…you are my shelter when I need you.

You’ve given me so much in the past year, I love that sense of comfort and “dependence”, dependence of your opinion, your point of view your objectivity, but what I appreciate most about you is your brain.

That beautiful and creative mind of yours and your silly sense of humor. Sometimes I feel it is a language that only you and I understand and for the rest we make no sense. We still have that young love even when we are not that young. You are my best friend my impartial confidante 0 judgment or criticism, and this is something I truly treasure.

Before you came along, I longed for the love, harmony and joy that I never had with others and hated the thought of ever being alone, but I hated even more the thought of wasting my time with the wrong person.

But in the past year, you’ve taught me how to make myself happy and prioritize my own needs because I know at the end of the day, with you, I will never be alone.

There is so much I could thank you for, but I’m sure there’s a character limit that will eventually stall my typing and you’re not an avid reader either.

So I will thank you for these things:

Thank you for being one of the most honest and caring men I know (you rank honorably up there with a knight of king Arthur and prince charming but hotter),

Thank you for always encouraging me to eat healthy but allowing me to binge out a candy here and there,

Thank you for sharing your loving memories, privacy, intimacy and music with me,

Thank you for giving me more people to open my heart to; such your family friends and club members — they will always hold a huge place in my heart,

Thank you for taking me to spontaneous road trips and rides — I love our day at Big Bear and all our bike rides,

Thank you for becoming a part of my family and making them feel comfortable knowing that I am always taken care of,

Thank you for your energy, for always wake up with sweet words, kind eyes, funny jokes, big smile, and big d*ck as well  !

Thank you, thank you, for loving me and accepting me just like I am through it all… and last but not least. Thank you for being you.

I can talk to you all day and still find you fascinating or just sit together in silence without getting bored for a second. You love me when I am stressed and bouncing off the walls. You love me when I’m tired and want to give up, you even love me when I’m mad of me don’t feel like I can love myself.

You love me and show it to me by supporting me, by guiding me, by helping me see the positive in everything even if my stubbornness causes you frustration, you don’t give up until I see the good side of everything.

I’m completely overwhelmed with awe and joy knowing that I have spent one whole year with the most amazing man I’ve ever meet.

You are gentle, kind, humble and forgiving. I look forward to spending many more years with you, sorry to drop this news so abruptly, but I want to continue making incredible fun beautiful, exiting and long-lasting memories with you.

Here’s to many more amazing years, laughs and amazing memories together.

Yours always.


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