Love Letters to Him

by RM


It’s your b-day and I know it comes every year. But, it’s a day special to your loved ones as that’s the day they ideally thank their fate for getting blessed with the person they love on this day.

I know, I know beginning of a letter with such cheesy words, isn’t something which is expected. But, I couldn’t find a better thing to share with you on this special day of yours, as I am kinda good at writing while expressing my thoughts.

So here it is, a lane down to the nostalgia of our good old days when we used to share hand-written letters with each other.

The purpose of writing this letter is just to share a few things which have always been there in my heart and memories which I don’t think I can be vocal about as “Tumhare samne hone pe I really don’t know what happens but I couldn’t speak much”.

Life has changed, we have changed.

I don’t know much about what’s there in your life, neither do you. Call it our on-off bonding, our distances, our schedules or at times our indifferent behaviours towards each other. But, one thing which hasn’t changed from my end is affection towards you.

I don’t expect anything to be honest from your end. Neither your time, your attention, your “Love Yous”, but I just end up missing your warmth and your love (jo bhi tha jaisa bhi tha jitne bhi time k lie tha, it was enough to let me sustain till now).

I don’t know how much you know me, like the sort of person I am, but as far as I know myself, no matter how strong I am from outside, I am hellishly emotional on the inside.

I have accepted this fate of ours, where we can’t be together ever… as it’s clear we weren’t destined for a happily forever after… But, you mean a lot to me.. Every night there is a thought at the back of my head whenever I go to sleep which has you in it.. or to be precise “we” in it..

There have been a number of guys in my life, because I told you earlier too, that on the verge of getting over you I ended up breaking hearts of others. But, to be honest I just digested that fact and moved on. But I was never over you.

I don’t know when we will see each other next, or for how long we will stay in touch, because we never know what changes in life will come. But there is something which will stay the same, and that’s my affection for you.

I might act clingy or cold at times, but I still blush when I randomly see you, or see you looking at me. I still have those memories intact which can make me happy, no matter at which situation and state I am in.

There has been no one ever who could have gotten me connected to them up to the level I was with you. And therefore, I am stating it here (might sound a bit weird) but if there is any way you feel like you need someone to rely upon, to be with, to share your happy or sad moments, just remember I am here in some corner of the world, for you.

And I honestly mean it.

Though I really pray that you’re never alone, and touch wood you already have people around you who love you so much, I ‘m jealous of them that they can be around you, while I can’t be. But, still if needed, you will find me standing next to you no matter what the situation is. Because you have been the only person for whom I have molded myself, my judgments, my choices, my everything because you meant the world to me once and you still do. But, difference sirf itna hai ki tb vo meri identity thi and aj ek Aisa such jo na mai kisi ko bta skit hu na share kr skit hu.

Anyways kuch jyada hi lamba ho gya.. so I will conclude this whole-heartedly written letter with this :-

Every time I see you I feel alive
Every time I need you I scroll your profile
Every time I miss you, I do cry
And the memories of all those I have kept alive
Waiting for the fate, all this while!
To let you be mine!

– With Loads of Love!
-Wishing you a Happy B’Day again….


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