Love Letters to Her

by Anonymous

This is the first message where I wanted to reach out and tell you I miss you. I miss seeing you and hearing from you.

I shed my first tears for you last Tuesday, 1-7-20. I stopped pretty quickly.

Disappointment kicked in when I realized how easy you let me go.

I am no stranger to loneliness, but I realized how alone I was when I would not hear from you for an extensive amount of time. I did not need you to message me all the time for ever second of the day, but just pop in or say how are you or how your day was.

I love the idea of romance, and yes, you can say I am a hopeless romantic.

I enjoy the idea of having a girl who would be into me.

To me, it’s the little things that matter the most, like communication. The idea of getting a random text saying I miss you or thinking of you is heartwarming. The idea of getting a good morning or good night text is a sweet thought.

Knowing the idea that I am the first person or last person you think of is excellent. Or having us go back and forth doing that.

I may not show it but I would like to have a flower or two and blush every know and then….

You didn’t notice that I stopped saying good night, and I slowly stopped saying good morning with a smile. It gradually transformed into “morning.”

I know you have things going on in life, and we could not see each other as much, and it was an okay compromise because I wanted you to be in my life, so I wanted to try and figure things out. I wanted to do sweet things for you so you can forget about the troubles of life when we had a short time together during your breaks or lunches.

I put you right next to me where I would think of you; then, I would shop around.

I even saw how much effort I put into the relationship, and all I asked for was not the bare minimum of your attention because I knew how busy life was for you.

I should not have done that; I should have asked for more. Wait, I should not even be asking; I should have received more.

I look at your photos that I have on my phone and miss your beautiful smile, and those drop dead eyes and kissing your plump lips that I would melt each time. I moved your photo out of my phone and into my file, so I don’t have to see or have to feel bad for not reaching out to you and tell you I miss you.

I do kick myself for taking a peek at your photos just like I looked at them tonight. The love, time, and effort I will place in myself. I deserve the love that I give out to the world and that’s a lot.

I would still give you a second chance but you would have to show me that you want me but that’s a dream that I know will probably not come true.

I love you and miss you but I value myself too…


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