Long Distance Love Letters

by Josh

To My Love Sarah,

I wanted to let you know that you make my day, everyday.

No matter where we are, together or apart, all I have to do is think about you and I get excited. Since we can’t be together in the same town right now, your calls, texts and emails feed my soul.

I guess no love is easy, and our friends can’t believe we are able to keep this long distance love alive – but proving them wrong feels awesome.

From our first date I knew that this relationship was the one for me. You get me. I think I get you but part of the fun is constantly being surprised and growing closer with each new turn.

We’ve faced some rough obstacles, separate from our physical distance situation, but we’ve gotten through each one by doing it together.

I think we are very lucky.

I read that “love takes strength everyone has but all are not wiling to practice”. Practice makes perfect, right?

I believe that we work because exactly that – we work. Not only do we work as a couple, but we also work at being a couple.

Yes the long distance situation is an added task, yet even if we were in the same city we would still work. You make the whole thing feel so effortless, honestly.

Your smile, the sweet way you treat others, the way you eat everything on your plate…

I passed a puppy on a walk yesterday. I bent down to pet him and he jumped up on me, so excited to play. I imagined you there, making a fuss over the puppy, and him making one back.

These little moments fuel my hunger for more time together with you.

So here’s to us and especially to you. You make my heart jump. I’ve gotten very used to being happy with you and some distance can only make my heart grow fonder.

I love you to the moon and back…and everywhere in between!



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