Long Distance Love Letters

by E.O (El Mirage, AZ)

To mi amor,

“I can’t believe my future girlfriend had a Justin Bieber phase.” That to me is still one of the cutest and funniest things you’ve ever said.  Yes, I did have a Justin Bieber phase.

It started when I was 8 and it ended when I was 13.  Sad, I know.  But what I find so cute and so endearing is that you considered me as someone you wanted to be with in the future. To you,  it probably was simple flirting, but my heart dropped down to my ass when you said that because I already had the biggest crush on you.

I remember exactly what I was doing that day; I was babysitting my tíos kids and I was feeding the baby. He was having some mango Gerber or something like that. Anyway, when I saw your DM I gasped a bit loudly and scared the baby and had to comfort him afterwards. I also remember telling my best friend what you had said and we were both losing it!

I was trying to act so cool around you, I didn’t want you to think I was a loser, but I was a mess inside. A very cute and nice girl who I had developed a crush on, called me her future girlfriend.  How was I supposed to stay calm?

I was so happy.

My crush on you started when you would check up on me whenever I was upset.  You were the only person who would ask me if I was okay and you did it more than once. You genuinely cared.

I wanted to talk to you ever since then but you kind of intimidated me. I knew you were nice obviously, but I was scared that you wouldn’t feel the same way.  So instead I would try to like your tweets as much as I could without making it obvious that I liked you or without being totally annoying. And then one night I was looking everywhere for as many links I could find for Bangbangcon so I could watch and suddenly you DM’ed me and offered to let me use your account. Out of nowhere. I was so shocked.

I already liked you so I got really happy because the thought of you liking me crossed my mind, but then my brain started messing with me and i was sure i was making things upI, that you were only being nice.

That’s why I was hesitant on accepting it.  I didn’t want to over think things or make anything up in my head.  And I brought it up to my best friend again, how you offered what you did, and that you had said my spot was safe if i decided to use it, and she told me you liked me.

At first I was confused so I told her to shut up, but then she told me what person would let someone use their personal account to watch something like that without wanting anything in return. I told her that you were only being nice, that you were always so nice to me.

Then she brought up all the times you would check up on me and that you had said you wanted your “fave moot” to enjoy the show. At that point I was ready to shut her down but she said she would beat my ass so I just let it go, but I was thinking about it a lot.

I kept thinking about it while watching the live show and even after. I wanted to keep talking to you then but I was scared that I was being weird.

So I didn’t until one day I said, f*ck it, and decided to send you messages. And then you started sending them too. Even though they were just tweets at first, I was happy. I’m not going to lie though, I was always a bit sad when you wouldn’t reply.

I wanted to send you more messages but I didn’t want to be annoying so I would wait for you to reply.

And the rest, just happened. Now you’re my girlfriend.

You have no idea how happy you’ve made me.

I know that it hasn’t been long but I feel so much for you. You’re nice, kind, sweet, understanding, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in someone.

You make me feel things that I’ve never felt before. Really, I am just so glad I met you.

I’m so glad we started talking. I am so grateful for you.

I love talking to you all day, you make me laugh and smile. You’re my precious baby.

I can’t wait to meet you and kiss you and hold you.

You are on my mind all day. I am so happy you’re mine on this day. You’re the best girlfriend in the world. Let’s spend countless national girlfriend days together! My feelings are much deeper than just liking you.

You are my everything and more. Mi amor.

yours truly,


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