Love Letters to Him

by Chloe (Hanover)

Dear Joey,

Sorry about the mush you’re about to read. But seriously, these past few months have been amazing.

To be honest, when we met I wasn’t even looking for a relationship. I wanted to focus on school and then worry about all the gown up stuff later. LOL.

When we first started talking, I liked how funny you were and how easy you were to talk to. We started to hang and I thought of you as a new school buddy. I really thought we were just hanging out.

That’s why I didn’t pick up on the fact you were asking me out on a “date” date. The first date was awesome. Then remember while we were on our second date I told you that you can tell if it’s a thing if the guy is a great kisser? That was so that you would kiss me and Duuuuuude, you are that.

Then when the semester ended and we crammed all night together for exams. It was so great to have someone who was perfectly aligned with me and takes their studies seriously. I really felt like I found a soulmate.

And then, when my cat died and you were there for me, it hit me that I was falling pretty hard for you. Guess tragedy makes people closer. You showed me that you loved me. And I guess that’s when I knew I really loved you. I don’t throw that word around casually.

Our connection was instant, grew through our friendship and now I feel it getting stronger every day.

The little things you say to me show me that you care and are in this for the long haul. Which is cool and funny since I had no idea this is where we were going.

So anyway, thanks for the ride. I am having a blast.

Love you,


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