Secret Love Letters

By Jon (Liberty Township, OH)


The world is full of symbols. A thing which has a special meaning to one person may mean something different to another.

There are some who might keep a special place in their heart for a book that reminds them of their youth. Some might cherish the full moon because it has been present on every good occasion in their life.

You, Ivy, are that symbol in my life. You remind me of those romantic years of my youth, full of hope and unending love.

You are beautiful and graceful. Your leaves never sacrifice their color and you cling to what you grow upon, the same way you cling to my heart.

The people in the UK call you “Bindwood” or “Lovestone”. Some still place you in their wedding bouquets. Did you know that? You were a sign of fidelity to the ancient Greeks and they would do that for newlyweds. Speaking of fidelity, I have ever been faithful in keeping you, a symbol of my most guarded secret.

No one knows what you mean to me save God and one other. I can’t reveal you.

No one would understand and if they did, they would take offense. You make me smile and yet you wound me. You remind me of what is lost, which breaks my heart because of that which was so good and true and is gone out of my life forever.

Do you remember when you became what you are to me?

How silly it seemed to take such a simple thing and attribute it to something that meant so much and permeated every fiber of my being. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You adorn my home, my Facebook page, and even the art that I doodle in my notebooks.

You are always there, right in the forefront of my mind; always there to remind me of memories that prick my heart. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t wish to lose you. There is so much good that you bring to my mind and for that I shall always be grateful.

I shall always treasure you, Ivy.

My literal Lovestone; my blessing and my curse. I love you.


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