Long Distance Love Letters

by VA (Dallas, TX)

My Dearest Pattu,

I don’t know what to say, I’m not going to say anything new, I have said sorry 100 times like this.

But this time it is not going to be like my earlier sorries. I will surely keep my word sweetheart. I have really realized my mistake.

I know it may be difficult to believe right now, but I really do love you and have honestly neve loved anyone like this. In the past year, we have become so much a part of each other’s lives that I really can’t imagine my life without you anymore. I would give anything to pick up where we left-off.

I have no excuse for what happened and saying “I’m sorry” hardly seems adequate. But if you could forgive me this time, I assure this will never happen again. I realized breaking my word causes too much damage to both of us to ever want to do it again.

I cannot live without your heart. I can’t even write one line, because suddenly tears are flooding my eyes.

I’m very very sorry sweetheart, I will be your best partner. I will fulfill all your dreams, expectations, whatever you do I will support you. I will not interfere in your freedom. You do anything you want, please give me your heart, and have only me in your heart forever.

Sweetheart, please forgive me and accept me.

I’m nothing without you. I’m very sorry da my Pattu paapaa… please come back to me.

You are my child, you are my everything, it’s going to be a year we’ve been apart, I myself was surprised.

My love for you in that time hasn’t even been reduced by one percent. Everyday the love is increasing beyond my expectations, your cute smile, eyes and beautiful face makes me forget everything around me.

I’m thinking about you every minute, every day,  this whole year and I will be thinking of you my whole life and forever.

In every blood cell, each and every nerve you are mixed in me.

Whenever I think how you are not with me, all of my body hurts, it pains, my heart pains. This life long pain will kill me slowly.

Please don’t make me feel guilty for my whole life, please forgive me and accept me.

I will wait for you sweetheart. I love you so much.

Please come back.

Always your Ladoo.


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