Love Letters to Him

by Thora

Dear Wade,

My love for you is endless. How I have come to know this is because just when I think I couldn’t have any room left in my heart to love you more, it just grows and makes room for you.

Every time I see you walking towards me from a distance, I feel a rush as exhilarating as if I were going down a roller coaster. Your presence seems to give me the best kind of sinking feeling.

Nothing can top knowing your happiness and comfort when I see your smile and hear your softest sighs and releases of what I believe is also love, into my shoulders when you lay your head down and look up at me.

I can tell you not to cry all I want to and that you have no reason to shed a single tear, but as I sit here in my room alone thinking of you, I can only do the same.

Some say it’s naive to say “I love you” so early on to someone, but I can’t help in containing what is past infatuation into a deep appreciation and longing for you.

And so I think, why wait?

When I can tell you now in three small words every day that you have been the best thing to happen to me in my life and my feelings for you go beyond words, actions and music.

I wish that telepathy was possible, so that only then could you could skim through the garbage of my mind for the vast section of thoughts about you to know how deep my love goes.

I love your very silly and downright offensive sense of humour that can somehow be turned off at a moment’s notice to act completely in tune with and considerate of others. I love that despite how self-conscious you may (claim to) be, you do as you please by wearing what you want and saying what you want even if others may ridicule you.

I love that despite sometimes taking irresponsible actions for yourself, you still look after and consider others’ needs.

I love that even if you don’t really want to, you are willing to try new things in order to please me as well as others. I love that you talk about your interests to me even when you know I won’t understand or when you think I won’t care and that you do the same in return for me.

I love that you tell me how you feel, what’s on your mind and how your day has been and ask me the same.

I love how you love animals. I love how you love cooking. I love how you ask me to continue, if I’m OK and respect my decisions.

I love how you can agree with me to disagree on certain things. I love how you open me up to and introduce me to new music whether I enjoy it or not. I love your patience and tolerance with people that don’t deserve it and how you can be the bigger person.

The satisfaction and relief from that first time talking to you, hanging out with you and confessing our feelings still remains.

You linger in my mind throughout the day, even after we’ve parted. The prospect of kissing you, feeling you, even seeing you again excites me to an inexplicable degree.

Knowing you’ll forgive me for the things I’ve done and said, for my stupid, unruly and poorly thought out decisions makes me so sure that you have the patience of a saint and I’ll end up growing to be a better person through our times together.

I know I have fallen hard and fast for what is really the first time when I get an overwhelming sickness after your hand releases from mine and we must part ways, for god knows how long again. Or the melting sensation of when I slip into your arms, wrapping tightly around my body. God, I could fall asleep.  And I would dream in your lap. Dream only of you.

I look forward to a future with you, around you and close to you.

Remember that wherever we may both end up, I’ll always love, respect and support you through everything.

Lots of Love ♡

Thora X


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