Love Letters to Him

by Kira (Livermore, CA)

You Are The One Because..

You stood before me in all the hardships and challenges in life
You took care of me when I was nothing
You show much patience when I am stubborn
You teach me how to be a better person
You made me the happiest person than I can be
You suffered with me but never left me
You are an amazing person and I will be the same for you
You let me in into your life and hold me dearly in your heart!

I Am Your One Because…

I am your cute little Asian girl
The best cook in the world
The most understanding and accepting person
The most loving and caring
Your curious little shy girl that likes trying new things
I change a lot and fixed myself
I love cats same as you do
I like fast cars
I managed to re-watch movies because of you
I am your partner in crime
I change and adapt to reality and become practical
The woman who struggles with you through thick and thin
Always needy of your handsome face, mesmerizing blue eyes and now
Super hot white body mmmmmm… never changed every time you shave
I just want to devour you!

Why are we Soulmates…Because..

We love anime
We like cats so much and animals
We are both ambitious
We both understand each other and compromise for our wants
We are honest with each other
Very sexual to each other.
You will be a good Dad and me a really good Mom
Maintained a honeymoon stage until 3 years and still going.
We love listening to each others story and boastfulness
We don’t agree mostly because we’re both stubborn but we still figure out ways to work it out
We knew that we were soulmates from the start of your Asian girl and my white boy.
We survived the challenges of our imperfections as human beings and grow together to
Understand each other’s need and be who we are together as a couple.


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