Love Letters to Her

by B.J.C ( America )

I love you so much xx

I think about you every day and every night, I can never get you off my mind. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

I want to get down on one knee when I see you and propose to you. I want you to be my wife.

I want to get emotional when I see you walking down the aisle.  I want to hold hands with you and walk along the beach and just lie there with you and just forget the world, look into your eyes and know I’ve found the one.

I’m sorry for what happened. I miss you every single day and I don’t think about any other person the same no matter who I talk to. I can’t replace you and I’m so so freaking in love with you Dannah, I want you to be my everything.

This is Ben by the way, American number in case you didn’t realize or think it was some random creeper. Literally I’ll do anything. I’ll do what it takes to put us back together and make it forever.

I love you forever and always with all the Muchness.

Yes, at the time, work and everything happening may have been too much. It was a lot of work, but without you there is a piece missing and I need you to fill that void for me. It’s all that’s missing in my life.

I can’t focus on my future and my dreams and what I want to do in life without you by my side.

You are part of that future. You are my best friend, my soul mate that will guide me in every single manner along the path. I wanna do that with you even if you’re working your cute little butt off every day 9-5 and 3 jobs.

I’m gonna be by your side to tuck you in at night, kiss you on the lips, give you that huge hug that you need and tell you that I love you and that I’ll always be here for you no matter what.

I love you Dannah Cheri H. forever and always…


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