Love Letters to Him

by Tobbi

Things have been rough for you, and they show in the hesitancy of your voice, the way it shakes as if at any moment you’re about to cry.

Let it out. Let it out on my shoulder, there will never be judgement there in that safe place.

Because that space is only for you; Treat it as a place to reflect. We don’t have to speak as you do so, I’ll hold you tight to secure those private thoughts between us. I’ll give you my strength to push forward, to become a stronger you.

Because you’re my husband, not by title but by time and experience, by love and devotion. I have never been able to say I have a soul’s mate with such security then what I have with you. I believe I was placed here to hold your hand and help you through this pain, to love you with all of my being.

As they throw their sticks and stones at the brittle bones of your identity, I’m the crutch to keep you standing.

You are who you are, no matter what they say. My precious gem, my beautiful boy.

I love you.


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