Secret Love Letters

By Eeshwar (In the Stars]

Sometimes life gets hard, but the future we’ve dreamt isn’t that far

Just take a break and look at the stars

and if you’re lucky you’ll see one fall

Being at the right place at the right time can truly change it all

Everything about you is so precious,

I still remember the day we met; every night since has left me restless

Stars come out to denote a day’s death

I knew you were special when we spoke and time took a breath

Frozen with no stress, your smile alone is the reason you are blessed

before you, the blue sky felt gray

We’re two shooting stars that were destined to hit

Your air fueled my fire, and we just sort of orbited away.

Life’s been stellar, and trust me, I get it…

Long-distance isn’t always easy, we’re both out of sight

Even with you there, the sunrise here seems so bright,

You’re the Bonnie to my Clyde, with you I feel so alive

my love for you will shine brighter than the sun gives light.

And on days we do get into fights

We agree to never break the unspoken rule which is to love no matter who’s right.

Because love is divine, and what I feel for you is true

From the millions of stars in the sky, I’ll forever choose you.

I love everything about you, with you I’ll never be bored

Though I love you today, tomorrow it will be more

Your past brought you tears, so I’ll bring you a smile

Through the years and the miles

Even on the good days and the bad

I’ll love you until the stars fade to black

All the way to the Moon and Back.

To hurt you, I’ll never

Baby, I’ll love you forever and ever.


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