Long Distance Love Letters

by Snorlax ( From Chennai to Hyderabad )

To my Jigglepuff,

It was a warm summer day, back then, 3 years ago….when history was created, or to be precise, history was about to take the most beautiful turn.

I felt something inside of me that day, I felt like I was off to a new beginning , something that I could treasure forever. But little did I know that I was about to meet the breeze to my sail.

When I entered that classroom, you only knew your own perspective of things, but here’s mine. The second I entered, you have no idea how the Oxytocin hormone in my body just gushed through my blood. It was like a party in there, the way you smiled, knowing that we both are in the same class, I started praying to god, ki god , I’ll give what it takes, just please make her mine.

We got closer and closer, and closer, I felt so lucky just being the closest to you.

I generally found fiitjee very long and exhausting, but with you around, I just felt like college was too short.

We would see each other in the morning, 6:30-7:00 AM, be with each other till 5:30 PM , yet it felt like we had just met each other minutes ago. All the moments we spent, fighting with the duster, going near the grill when we’re sad, eating and sharing lunch together, everything is just about those moments that I’d kill to live again.

It just felt so pure, it was like my life had found a purpose.

And then you did something that just boosted me up, the pani puri date. I swear, no matter how many dates we’ve been on, that date was and is the best.

We just roamed about in my scooty, just on random roads, and then when we went to sit , on the stairs, I just felt like, OMG, is this really happening, am I really on a date with a girl who is just like a dream come true?

And yes I was being a noob, but when we kissed, I wont lie … felt like the land and the sea in my head had merged, it just felt like I am on top of the world, like I’m the king and you my queen both of us standing at the edge of the highest peak and just looking into each others eyes and everything so dreamy.

And then we continued, I still remember, you gave me a letter about how you want someone who can be a good kisser and I was like okay, I can kiss properly and I came upstairs and I still didn’t know how to kiss XD. Anyways, but later ….in 2018, when we got back into each others lives is the time I actually got to know the Kohinoor you are.

Yes babe, you are an effing Kohinoor, you keep saying I’m precious right? I might be some diamond, but you my darling are a Kohinoor.

I couldn’t believe my surroundings when I saw how caring, how loving a person can be. Right from November, when we first went out and got caught by the police till the last time we went out, you have just been that constant burning light, that ray of hope.

As I said once upon a time to you akku, you’re the sunrise to my darkest days, and you’re my only key, my only one, the only key to my heart and it resides in you.

When we started dating again, I just saw you and I was like, damn dude, yeh toh meri aukaat ke bahar hai, cuz honestly, no one in their entire life cared and loved me as much u do Akanksha, and the day you hugged me and were like ankith I love you, I just cried inside my mind.

I knew then itself that I can’t live without this girl. You mean everything to me babe, everything to me.

I think about you, in class…how we used to sit aage peeche, while driving.  How you used to hold me and bite my ear , while I’m in bed, how you just stick to me like a leech and just hug me so tight, while I’m taking a bath. How that day we just sat there in that bathtub, together, and pretty much everything Akanksha, because I love you more than life itself.

You have that genuineness and that pureness in you that if you have feelings for someone, you will make sure you commit and fulfill that relationship, whatever it takes.

I’m in love with you for who you are Akanksha.

I’m in love with that side of you, which shows me what love is, how to love and how to be someone’s everything and make heaven on earth.

You are my heaven on earth Akanksha, and even if I have to walk through hell with you by my side, I’ll look into your eyes and I’ll walk through it hand in hand beside you, and we’ll get there, eventually.

Yours truly,



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