Secret Love Letters

by Nith

This not a love letter where I tell him how much I love him.  Instead it is about how I fell in love with him. It’s a confession letter…

It was during my third year of a bachelors degree that I felt his presence for the first time.. his name is Nithin.

Before that day I had met him over 100 times.  I’m not sure what made that day different but for the first time, as he stood on the stage and spoke, I felt like somebody hit me with a sling shot.

I felt flushed and it was the first time I felt butterflies in my stomach.  I really don’t know what came over me but something did.

All of a sudden I felt like he was the only one for me. That he was destined for me, and me for him.

From that day on everywhere I looked, I saw him.  No matter how far from me he was physically, just a glimpse of him would make me smile.

On the last day of college I wanted so badly to tell him and ask him out. But as luck would have it, I had found out a few weeks before that he was into someone and that she didn’t feel the same way about him.

I watched as he pushed back and suppressed his feelings so that they could remain good friends. Knowing that, made me love him all the more. He was someone who always made his friends smile even when he was sad.

Someday I will ask him out, when he is ready. Until then I will be and remain his secret admirer.

If he ever does read this, he should know that he is someone I want to be with forever…


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