Love Letters to Him

by Meep (Canada)

Hi my love!

I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. I never thought I would be lucky enough to experience the love that we have.

Even though we are apart, the certainty of our love story is what has kept me going and has given me so much strength. No matter what, I never want you to forget how much you are loved. Never forget that…

I love the way that you are selfless and you would move mountains to make me smile. The little things that you do never go unnoticed.

I will never forget the time you made me feel so welcomed into a new community when we first met, or the time that you brought me flowers after a tough day I had at class, when you surprised me by making mac and cheese for dinner, and many more.

I love how you always listen to what I have to say when I am feeling upset. No matter what I am going through, having you to hold my hand or even simply being just a call away is truly comforting and will always make me feel better when I am upset.

I love how you make such an effort to get to know my family and to be a friend for my brother. You know how much family means to me and I am so glad that you put a high importance towards that as well.

I love how you are my cheerleader throughout all my pursuits in life.

You encourage me to reach for the stars, even when I feel I am unable to bring my feet off the ground. You have made me confident in my abilities and my art, and I hope that you feel I have done the same for you, because I truly believe that you are an incredible writer and composer.

Even through all the uncertainty in the world right now, thank you for being my sense of certainty.

I know that no matter what, our love for each other will get us through this.

I have been searching my whole life for you. I never believed I would find someone who checked off all of my boxes, and who would come into my life at such a perfect time.

Thank you for being you.

Love Always,



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