Love Letters to Him

by Daniela ( Melbourne )

I just wanna say starting off, you’re so sexy and I’m so proud of you for graduating baby! You deserve everything and you graduated because all the hard work you did

I am so grateful for having a boyfriend like you, I will support and love you unconditionally even when you annoy me sometimes  but even still I wouldn’t want anyone else nor change you in any way.

You’re not perfect, but you’re all I want and I wish I could be there to hug you for your graduation because words can’t describe how happy I am for you. I hope your party is great baby

I just wanted to say though you make me feel so special and I’m so lucky ❤️❤️ Sometimes you make me feel burning hot and I love it. Seriously some things you say turn me on.

Anyway I just wanna celebrate and congratulate you for not only graduating:) but being a awesome boyfriend, baby.. baby.. baby..

How could you say you’re just DECENT looking you’re so handsome ! I really just wanna be holding you with your body on me   Your smile is beautiful and the braces don’t change anything.

But it’s not just your sexy looks also how you treat me like a princess. It kinda amazes me how I tick you off and you can still deal with me and love me, but you tick me off sometimes too so we’re even!

But remember no matter how many times it feels like I’m about to end it with you, I’ll always be madly in love with you

I’m falling more and more in love everyday and I hope, one day I’ll be in your arms. That would be nice

I can remember the day I got with you baby you really swept me off my feet  I remember trying to help on your school work and helping you feel better for a presentation.

I’ll always be here baby don’t ever feel alone  GOOD JOB GRADUATING BABY!!!! WOOOOO

P.S. I love your personality and how silly we can be and we can also be ourselves!

Love you more than infinity baby! Xxx ❤️    ❣️


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