Love Letters to Him

by Arianna

I remember how we met for the very first time. It was the last few days of middle school.

You were new to the U.S, I was going through issues at a young age. I tried talking to you but you couldn’t even say “Hello” in English.

I wrote in your yearbook that I hope to see you again in high school. That year never came until our 11th year.

I didn’t recognize you but for some reason you knew who I was. Although I had a boyfriend at the time, thoughts of you kept appearing in and out of my mind.

When you first spoke to me, for some reason I felt this feeling I don’t know how to explain.

After I had broken up with my ex, I was crying in our physics class. I still remember the look on your face. You were worried and concerned about what was going on. You offered me food to make me feel better that day. I wasn’t happy but it did make my day so much better than it was before.

We started talking to each other more often and I realized I’ve been falling for you.

It was getting harder for me to talk to you without making a fool out of myself. Others kept telling me you had a crush on me but I never believed it. I knew I wasn’t good enough for something amazing.

Then one day, Monday 22nd October 2018, I found out you had feelings for me.

A part of me was happy while the other side of me was terrified. I wanted to reject your feelings to protect you from dealing with my over dramatic self. I told you I wanted to take my time and you actually agreed with me.

Then we started to date.

I was a bit skeptical at first because why would a good guy like yourself waste your time with a terrible girl like me.

Until this week, my family knew about us. I hid you for a reason Amor.

My parents never give anyone a chance. If I get taken out of the school, I’m gonna do my best to keep in contact with you.

God forbid if they force us to break apart, just know I’m gonna do everything in my power to convince them.

But if I lose Amor, please remember I’m always gonna love you and you have literally changed my life and turned me into a whole different person. You’ve taught me things I never dreamed of learning.

Te Quiero Mucho Amor, Tu Significas Mucho Para Mi. Lo Siento…

From your sensitive girlfriend


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