Secret Love Letters

By S.A

Its corny, but true. I have given up on love.

It’s not that love has not come knocking these past few years, because it has. It’s just that mistakes have been made, people have been hurt, and I too have been burned.

There was enough hurting to go around for a lifetime.

Sometimes I would look at happy couples. The touching of hands. The arms around the shoulder. The shy cellphone calls. The adoring looks shared. And I would miss it!

I want that too, I would think.

To hold hands. To put my arms around someone. To smell her hair. But reality will bring me back down to earth. Been there, done that. Let us not go there again.

Then I got to know you.

It was not earth shattering. The world did not turn inside out. It was slow and deliberate, one event after another.

It was your smile– slightly shy, but sincere. It was your big round eyes. It was your laughter which made me think the there are still nice, happy and innocent things in the world.

Most of all it was the little chats that somehow nighttime could not stop.

It was about everything and nothing. It was those walks in the dusk, or the sitting in the car, looking out into the gardens.

And when I held your hand, I was hooked, and now I want to take a chance again.


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