Secret Love Letters

By Anonymous (North Las Vegas, NV)

When we met, I knew you were beyond my measure. I knew I was completely out of my league. And I mean I knew it!

You’re beauty. You’re brains. You’re spice. No way could you deny how special and unique you were that day. And every day since. While you read this, you should smile. Cause someone out here in the world knows you’re beyond special in so many ways.

I’m telling you this now, hoping, praying, that you also realize there is more in life.

More to just being with someone because they feel safe. Life is short.

Why not go for it? Why not go after your heart? I read somewhere, that if i think of someone often, chances are they think of me just as often. So, I’m hoping you also think of me.

Come find me.

It wont be hard. Our paths cross almost daily. I won’t hide. I won’t push you away. Just find me and lets enjoy this one life we have.

But if not, I understand, I just want you to know. You are my dream. My hope. And I wish you the very best in life, cause you deserve so much more than anyone can give.


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