Love Letters to Him

by Chrissy (TN, USA)

It’s 2:39 am and I’ve been listening to you sleep. Ever since the very first time I’ve peacefully nodded off to the sounds of your gentle snores I just can’t help but feel a calm washing over me, lulling me off to sleep as well…

You are my ocean.

The sounds of your breath, like hushed waves, climbs up onto my shores. Every night I wait for this moment, when all that you are is reduced to this small sound.

Where you lure me in and I feel myself floating in these unfamiliar waters.. terrified and excited all at the same time. Everyday I fight against your currents, trying my best to keep my head up, trying my best to float.

Trying not to fall too deep.

But every night I feel it. I feel my whole body give up. Waiting and wanting to drown in your abyss. Consume me.

I guess you will think it’s strange that I would compare you to the ocean when you can’t even swim yourself.. But I feel like, just like you, the ocean has depths I may never reach. It’s dangerous, and beautiful (I know you hate being called this), and I can’t help but want to dive in.

I love you, like really.

Sorry if this is cheesy, or my words aren’t eloquent… But at least you’ll wake up knowing I spent my night thinking of you.


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