Love Letters to Her

by Subin (Singapore)


I usually think about you, our relationship but then get involved in some other stuff and forget to tell you, probably while writing this down I will recollect them.

You remember our first date, you have always talked about it?

When I first saw you that day, I was like …I have dressed up so much for today but why is she so casual (maybe not interested in me?). Then we started walking from the MRT station to a restaurant and the whole walk with each step I was questioning myself… this girl is not interested in me?

Somehow we reached the restaurant, and I think maybe that meal started the thing that we have now–trying to find humour in childish things and making fun of each other. But you know what my favourite moment was? You lying down on my hands in the grass.

It’s been more than a year now with you, we have come from a point where I used to say the same thing at least 3 times before there was even a chance for you to get it. Sometimes we gave up as well (haha) and moved to the next conversation. I love to be able to even talk on the phone and understand each other.

I love the way you look at me and then smile at me, I don’t know how you can do that always be it after work or in the morning or in the evening but that can lift me up from whatever mood I’m in.

I have always wondered how you can find me cute, I have never seen that in myself, but maybe that’s the beauty in you of seeing things differently.

I like to try new things in life, but I can definitely say you do that more than me, in the past 1 year we have done so many things for the first time like a first trip, making out in a public garden in Singapore, so many new restaurants, first Cambodia, first high (for you), and of course there are many more and there will be many more.

This last year has been truly amazing with you, I can’t tell you how lucky I have been to share that with you.

I will always be there for you, no matter what happens, through the happy and sad days of your life.

Love you!


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