Long Distance Love Letters

by Jeffrey

Dear Jackie,

When we first met we both thought it was just a one-time thing. We met on vacation and would soon return to our lives in different cities. We had a blast, right?

Honestly, meeting you was the highlight of that trip for me. And when we said goodbye, at first I figured that was it for us. But the connection we had was undeniable, to me, and we have been making a go of it long distance.

“Out of sight out of mind” doesn’t apply here. “Distance makes the heart grow finder” is more like it.

With each phone call I feel closer to you. With every Skype dinner we share, I cherish you more. Only when we hang up do I feel the distance. But the hope that we will continue on this path until we are in the same place keeps me going.

I am grateful for all the ways we have to communicate. Thankfully we aren’t in the old days before Skype, text and email. Here we are, separated by many miles, but getting closer and closer by the day.

I think of you much more often than I text you. If you got a notification every time I thought of you, that little ‘ding’ sound would be going off every few seconds. You’ve made an impact on my life. Your cheerful voice carries me through the tough spots of my day. Just thinking of you, calms me.

I know that one day—and as soon as possible—we will be in the same place. Until then, let’s use this time to build the foundation to a wonderful and fulfilling relationship.

Go look at the moon tonight. Know that I am seeing the same moon. Then know that I love you to the moon and back—which is a really long way. So the distance we have to deal with is nothing compared to that.

Keep the faith; I know we will be together one day because we belong together and we can’t let that pass by.



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