Love Letters to Him

by EMC (Omaha, NE)

I’m writing this for you but not necessarily to you.
This is something I just want to put out into the universe for everyone to know
Yes, there is such a thing as impossible loves
Such a thing as having a love that is not yet ready for you
A love that was so strong
So intense
But not yet ready to be in existence
Mine is with a guy named Kyle Chase
To me, he was…
Still is
The most beautiful person I’ve ever met
This was the guy that made me feel the kind of special I’ve always wanted to feel
The guy who took me to the places I only visited in my daydreams
The guy that would be impossible to catch because they weren’t real
But he was very real
And he gave me something that I’d never have if it weren’t for him
I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the same
I’m sorry you were still so broken
I hope I at least gave you something besides heartache
You deserve so much that I wasn’t allowed to provide
I wanted to give you all kinds of amazing things
You just weren’t ready to receive them from someone like me

Thank you for making my daydreams a reality
Thank you for giving me a chance
Despite how it turned out
You will always remain that wish on a shooting star that came true
No matter how short lived it was
At least I was able to experience it once in my life

Kyle Chase, you are more than you’ll credit yourself to being
More to me than you will ever know
But hopefully everything I wanted, for someone who deserves you

❤️ beginning in 2005 til the end of time


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