Love Letters to Her

My love for you is spiralling out of control, in hopes to show you how I feel I am writing you this letter.

As time passed, I find myself gazing into your eyes and becoming lost in all of your breathing taking features.

Your hair, your smell, your voice, your touch, the texture of your skin, and how you’ve always made me feel better even when you don’t notice it. I could say I feel spoiled in your presence because just being with you overshadows anything I’ve ever wanted.

I’ve read once that love is blind but with you I can clearly see us being together, either soul mates or just born to be wild as we tamed each others hearts.

The universe is but a box of random treasures but I found you outside of this box, you set a fire in my body that just made me desire you from the first sight, to be with you is all I’ve ever wanted, and the time we spend apart just hurts me so deeply that my tears have run dry.

Do you remember the times we’ve spent together?

To me they are everlasting, the laughs we shared, the places we’ve been too, the friends and family we’ve developed together. Soon they’ll be a part of our family or if you’d like we could disappear into the night like a Dramatic play.

Since meeting you, life’s been more enjoyable. My hearts burned aflame once again, I wake up without pain but joy in my heart hoping that I’ll get to see you today, and the next, and so on and on until eternity removes us from this mortal plane.

I want you to know after I’ve written you this letter that, no matter what happens, no matter how we feel or see each other days from now or even years, that I will always and forever love and choose you over anything in this world. Even if it comes down to me giving up all that I own, and love or hold dear, you will be my first, my most valued and my only choice over anything and everyone else.

I love you so much, and I know you love me as well.

So, let’s grow old together, lose our hair and teeth and laugh about the younger couples being jealous of our 50 year old bond that they just can’t understand. Let’s live together, have children or a huge family, thousands of puppies if you want pets, or take in, or have more kids.

Let’s start a business, fly to the moon anything our hearts could possibly think of.

I just want to do anything and everything with you, so please… Just take my hand and accept my love, and say “I love you too”.


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