Love Letters to Her

by “dgreat_one”

Dear Kyra,

It’s me, Harvey B). I know it is kind of unusual for me to write to you like this. I have been just thinking about you a lot lately.

It is getting hard for me to put aside my feelings for you, and I think the only course is to let you know about them. I understand that this can be a surprise to you as we have been friends for so long (5-6 months B)), but I can’t help myself. I cannot get you out of my mind.

I wish, even if we simply remain friends, that we could get together more frequently. It is my hope that this letter would help us to get closer, or maybe just help me to see you just as a friend.

I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in any way; I thought it was appropriate to let you know how i felt. I value our relationship highly and I don’t want to lose you as a friend. You know I am always optimistic.

Hope to see ya soon B),


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