Love Letters to Her

by AJ ( Kloud 19 )

My Dearest Haley,

I never imagined I would find love like I found in you. We are still very fresh in our relationship but it feels like we have been together forever.

I wouldn’t know what to do without you baby.

I remember the feelings I had from the first moment we met. You made me feel as though we were the only people existing in this world and I still feel the same way.

I know you have been through a lot and sometimes love hasn’t always been that kind to you. Everyday we have together makes me want to ensure that you never have to face this life alone again.

I want to give you the love I saw in my parents, the kind of love that motivates you and enhances your life, the love that makes us grow stronger together to face the good and bad times of this world.

You are my dream come true, my perfect inspiration.

Sometimes I feel like I am in a dream I never want to wake up from. This will last for a lifetime because I am better off dreaming with you than living a nightmare without you.

Remember this my love, that there is no one in this world more important than you and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do to keep you smiling, protected and provided for.

I thank God for our parents because without them, our union would have never came about. The love shared between them gave us the blue print of how we should be.

When we look back on our lives, after the kids and grandkids, we will remember the love that brought us together, the trials and tribulations of our parents and we will remember the love we will share and how very blessed we are to have seen what life is and how pure and true that love is.

A wise woman once said that love is very many things, but one thing it never will be is unsure and baby, as sure as I have ever been in my life, I love you more than words, thoughts or deeds could ever express.

You are my moon, my stars, the diamond in my eye, my reason for living, my thoughts and my ministry.

You are the best thing to ever happened to my life, my lighthouse when my way is dark, my sun when my life needs growth, my prayer to God, my dream come true and I am so blessed to be spending the rest of my life with you…

I love you more and more


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