Love Letters to Her

by DM from UK


I think your amazing. You are one of the nicest most caring sweet most genuine girls I have ever met in my life.

You have the biggest heart and it must be made of pure gold because you’re an absolute darling. Your kindness and your sense of humor make me want to do my best by you, as you always do by me.

You are the image of pure perfection…Your amazing hair is so stand out, your eyes are so inviting, and so is your amazing smile.

I love your amazing accent and I feel giddy every time you talk to me.

You deserve the world and I’d move heaven and earth to be with you.

You deserve your happiness and if I could provide that and look after you then I would.

I love you Bekah. You are like my angel and I hope and pray that one day you and me will be together.

Just keep doing what your doing Bekah and I’m sure an amazing person, who you deserve, will fall in love with you.

The world would be a better place if we had more people like you in it and you really deserve your happiness.

From your friend who loves you.

Dave xoxoxo


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