Secret Love Letters

By Anonymous (Singapore]

Hi, I know this seems stupid to you and you dislike sappy stuff but still—I just want you to know that you mean the world to me and I don’t know what I would do without you.

You always seem so sad and angry, I just want to give you a hug and tell you that things will be okay. But I know you dislike physical contact so it’s okay.

I want to bring you to so many places in the world, we could go to Japan for sightseeing, go and try different types of ice cream. We could even go see the stars or touch snow.

I want nights where we could cuddle and hug, watch a movie under fairy lights. See the stars and point out constellations. Make snow angels and laugh together. But I know you’ll find me disgusting and lonely if I say these things. Which I am.

I can’t help it. You’re just so special to me, someone I don’t wish to ever lose, someone I’d love to build a future with and I’ve never felt this way before.

I know I am not the best. I always give useless advice or replies but I really try to impress you sometimes, though I doubt I ever do.

You are so funny, exciting and comforting to be around. Knowing I won’t be judged for my interest or laughed at for my weird thoughts, I find it all very nice. You understand me and introduce me to a whole new world of things which is amazing. You bring so much thrill and happiness to my life, I get so excited just seeing you.

I want to feel your tender lips on me again, feel your warm hands wrap around me. I want you to give me that adorable smile that gives me butterflies. But I know it will never happen again.

I watch you from afar at times. Afraid of doing something wrong and ruining the impression you have on me. I want to say something funny so you would laugh, or even just a little smile. But I suck at jokes and making people laugh.

I know this letter may never find its way to you but if it does, I really love you and I’m sorry I never show it.


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