Love Letters to Her

by Siddu (Hospet)


The journey of our life. I still can’t believe we both fell in love and we’ve hung through for such a long time and will be forevermore.

I feel very happy for us. I am in awe of the God who gave us this amazing love. I thank God personally from the core of my heart to gift me this angel who transformed and changed me after receiving this beautiful treasure of love in my life.

Honey, I admire the way you love me. I am so lucky to have you in my life. We are so lucky to be together now and in the future.

Our adventurous romantic life of love started when you texted me *hi* on Aug 2016 and the journey continues. Thanks to WhatsApp for allowing us to be in touch till now. Many loves have remained because of this app and we are one amidst all of them.

Then I met you near school where you touched me first and I can’t forget the awe I felt which still lies on my hands. Your touch is so sweet which couldn’t be erased forever by anyone else.

Then after the conversations happened we met the 2nd time at the Park where I saw you in a pink  . I kissed you for the first time and that was breathtaking and a beautiful day in my life. Then there are the long drives to some beautiful places. All these stories made us bolster our love more. Frenchie’s would be the happiest moment in our life.

Later our love and confidence grew on you more and more and is still developing and will be increasing even more than before.

I have seen people in love get bored and end their love in a very short span due to their understandings having never gelled. Then they quit. Think of us and how we feel and how we’ve stayed together after so much of time, and will still continue for a lifetime. This is a true example of true love.

Yes, we’ve exchanged our cries, laughed at our immature behaviour but still, through all of that, we have strengthened our love.

By this August our love completes its 4th year and still we stay strong and remain eternally devoted to each other.

I love you eternally and promise forever that I’ll be there for you, always. You have become my life. I miss you lots…

Holding your hand and walking with you is so awesome and brings me much happiness.

I would die for you innumerable times if God says I need to to keep you safe. I am ready for that. It’s not just words, I literally don’t care about losing my life for you. I love you. I admire you lots because you are my emotional attachment to life.

The true Angel of my life. There is no end for our love story and no words to explain us.

We are made for each other–it’s true magic.

When I hug you or you hug me it’s like music that gives pleasure to our lives.

Love you always. You are my life…

I love u lotsssssssssss……

My peace comes from you and who you are…

Love you forever and ever and ever……


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