Love Letters to Her

by Bryan ( USA )

My Darling,
You are my wife, the love of my life and my hero. I never want to take you, or the fact that you make everything better, for granted. Life and kids sometimes get in the way but that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish you every day. I love the kids, our family and our life but I’ve decided there is always room for more romance. So today I bring you this…

A Love Poem For Debs

I don’t tell you I love you enough
Or send you roses and all that stuff
Sometimes life gets in the way
But you should hear that I think it every day.

Sometimes I figure you already know it
But just in case, I want to show it.
Sit right there and give me your ear
These are things I need you to hear.

You walked in my life and made me smile
And you smiled back, though it took awhile.
I’d been waiting for you to brighten my life
And you did just that when you became my wife.

Here’s the way I’d like to celebrate
An evening out is worth the wait.
First up a dinner by candlelight
Soft music sets the tone for our night.

The wine is dry, the air is sweet
With rose petals scattered near your feet.
Our date’s not over, the kids have a sitter
When it comes to romance, I am no quitter.

Let’s hit the dance floor and shake our booty
My goofy moves upstaged by your beauty.
When the band stops playing and the bar closes down,
We go for a moonlight walk around town.

When I look in your eyes I want you to know
How much I love you and that you’re my hero,
If I don’t show it or say it enough
I promise to do so, it’s not that tough.

I love you deeply, forever and always.


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