Love Letters to Her

So you’re thinking about writing a love letter to your girlfriend, wife, daughter and not sure where to begin.

Post your own love letterYou can’t stop thinking about her. You think about how she smiles when you walk in a room. How she laughs at your jokes. She is your perfect fit. You know she’s unique, beautiful and deserves only the best expressions of your affection. And you want to present her with the love letter that tells her how and why she is so special to you.

For girlfriends and wives, the right letter can take her on a romantic getaway,  a trip down romance lane without ever leaving the house.

For daughters and other important women in your life, a love letter can show her the true depths of your devotion.

But where to start? Right here.

These are crafted poems and love letters, written by others. What they all have in common is that they’re unquestionable declarations of love. Choose one, get inspired by several, then write your own.


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