Love Letters to Him

Angie M.

My Dearest David,

Words will never be enough to describe to you how much I love you. I realize that sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t share those loving tender moments like we used to. We don’t leave each other those little secret notes or give each other love letters anymore.

I plan on changing that. This is the first of many more love letters you will be getting from me. I never want you to lose sight of how much you mean to me as a husband, father, lover and my best friend.
Since the day we first met, you have always been there for me. When the kids came along you never changed, remaining by my side and always being there for the kids. I’ve been thinking that recently I’ve been sometimes taking it all for granted.

I want you to know how much I love that you have shared your life, heart and soul with us. You make our lives better every day.  You are the pillar of our family, the one who provides, the one with the level head, the one that knows right from wrong, even when the rest of us have no idea.

More importantly, you are the one who shows our entire family what love is and how to love.

I will always need your arms around me. I will always need to feel your heart beating.  I cherish the moments when you whisper softly in my ear, and your hand finds itself in mine.  My life is only complete with these things and you make it all possible.

I need you in my life, I want you in my life forever.  You are a gift from heaven that I will never ever be able to replace.  I promise from this day forward to cherish every moment I have with you, because you are my one and only true love.

I will never take you or your love for granted.

I want the world to know, David my husband, that I love you more than I can ever say….because you are ‘The Story of my Life’, and our story has just begun.

Love Angie


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