Love Letters to Him

by Cy

Hey, Hun… This is another reward, but really, it’s just a long ass message just for you.  Before I start, I just wanna say I love you, cause why not, right?? Pfft!

I’m good at doing this in roleplay and stuff, but anyway, the words I write there aren’t really sincere. But I want to let you know that I feel embarrassed and happy as I write this one. Just keep in mind that it’ll be quite deep HAHAHAHA.

I’m a cold person in real life.

Most of the time, I keep thinking that emotions are so stupid. But of course, in the end, it always come back to haunt me.

I’m never good at romance stuff because I’ve never been able to do it, you know that. I just mimic what other people do and usually, it’s not sincere. It doesn’t make me feel good because I didn’t do it myself. I feel as if I stole someone’s idea and replicated the emotions they felt as they send it. For me, it’s not sincere at all.

But dang it. Making these videos, these messages, and these drawings for you, it has pulled up something from inside of me. The only thing in my mind as I make those things is for you to be happy.

I want you to be happy with everything I do. I know it doesn’t really compare with others’ works, but hey, I made it with love HAHA.

As each second ticks by every time we talk, it feels as if fire is licking at my skin, but it doesn’t burn me. It feels as if you are in front of me, arms encasing my whole being while your heart is connected to mine.


‘A lone pygmy amongst
meat with tainted faces,
molded into inscrutable porcelain,
constructed with uniform grimaces,
is perdition itself.

Loud thunder crackles,
pond moaning ripples,
scarlet blood splattering,
and breaking pulchritudinous glass,
hellacious inferno raged,
detritus scattering in the hearth,
swallowing it whole.

Black roses rose from ashes,
wilts almost agog,
grows as thorns, thus pricking cold riveting courage,
and perverse idèe fixe.’

It’s crazy how in tune we both are. You know what’s going on inside my head and I’m the same with you. The connection is so deep, sometimes, that as we talk, I feel so excited and happy and just… content.

It’s so strong that I often think that saying “I love you” isn’t enough, you know? And it’s really so damn crazy and you make me crazy, and maybe you should think about sending me to a mental asylum pfft!

You’re a choice I wouldn’t mind choosing over and over again.

(Honestly, I feel like I need to end this message now before I fan-girl over you and that’ll be creepy.)

I love you, Dam.

Yata yataaaa!


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