Love Letters to Her

by William N. (Belding, MI)

I miss the passion in that we use to have in our relationship and our marriage.  I’m going to bring it back!

I miss making my wife happy.  I miss loving my wife.  I just want to make my wife feel loved and make her feel beautiful about herself. My wife is so damn hot I am ashamed of what I have done to her to make her hate herself, to feel ashamed of herself, to feel that I don’t love her when really all she needed was me to love her and to show her that she is very important to me and very dear to my heart.

If it was not for her I’d still be acting in my old ways.

She has woken me up and made me realize how much she is needed in my life and how much I truly do love her. She has made me want to change my ways for this most beautiful women in my life.

I hope she would understand that she means more to me than anything that I can imagine.

I’m so lucky to have a woman like her in my life. She really does make me feel like I am a king and I hope she will still see me as her king.  I hope she will see that I’m here to protect her and love her like a king should to his queen.

And, let me tell you about this queen… she is the most loyal and lovable, most beautiful person I could ask for.

I just wish she would realize that I love her and that I miss my wife and that I’m ready to love her and honor her, and to be honest with her, and to be loyal to the only women I could ever love ❤️.


To my dear wife Ashley,

If I had to lose some thing as special as you, it would be hard to bear.

Hand in hand, we have walked a hell of a journey together but yet 18 years later here we are, still together and married for 10 years.

For that I thank you so much—for giving me so many beautiful years with you.

But I do love the fact that you stole my heart not just once, but a bunch of times.

This time just keep it forever, my love for you will never change, you make me complete in every sense and for that I want to thank you for being my wife.

I love you so much Ashley and I will, always.


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