Love Letters to Her

Marcus ( MarkieBear ) —Auburn, Maine

Dear Jan,

I have a confession. I love you.

Forgive me for this pouring out of my heart but it’s something I’ve needed to do since that cherished day when we first met.

The moment I laid eyes on you on campus with your golden hair glistening in the sunlight, I knew you were going to be my girlfriend and soulmate. I remember the way you smiled as I fumbled through asking you out. And, the way you tried to help me get the words out… The way you looked at me, when I finally did.

My feelings for you only intensified when we finally went on our first dinner date to that awful pizza place. I remember how during our walk home, we decided to stop at the park, sat on a bench and snuggled in the moonlight. It was then, when I looked deeply into your eyes, that I realized that you were going to be the first girl that I truly loved.


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