Long Distance Love Letters

by Ocean Eyes ( Where the Southern Lights meet the Northern Star )

Dear Weirdo

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t enjoy your company… The sweet presence of your spirit… And your gentle whispers, keep me in a world where opinions are so toxic. You are the keeper of my heart… And I trust you more than any human.

Late October when we separated, people said we wouldn’t make it… But we did… I am forever grateful for your undying zeal to not give up on us. Look at us going the distance.

You are so patient, gentle and yet strong. Full of light, beauty, depth and inspiration…

You tell me often perfection doesn’t exist… Perhaps you are right, but honestly… Your love is perfect.

The way you love me, your daughters, and the people around you is blameless… Trust me… You love so unconditionally… Thank you.

I fell in love with you when my best friend at the time introduced me to you… I looked you up and instantly fell in love with your zeal for God. I guess it was love at first sight but more platonic.

Then over time your heart got me…. You’re oh so pure heart… Then it was your sexy mind… Then I tripped over your depth… You are a beautiful woman… But my initial attraction was the God in you… Just needed you to know this…. I never, ever was conscious of your name… I guess that’s why I broke boundaries… I never got it.. I still don’t… I’m a weirdo.

Baby the rest is a wild crazy ride full of….. Passing each other by and never saying hi, being in the same room and missing each other… (I still kick my ass 4 that one), oh and wee oh wee like a cop car, hearts on the wall, Koolaid, Will Smith, a lesson on soap in the wrong places lol, and last but not least and never complete one of the greatest gifts you ever gave me… Your love, your love, your love… And my mom + my brother (rip).

You are impeccable… Different, classy, sexy, honest, open, brave, passionate, inspirational, intelligent, genius, creative, talented, positive, and there is no one like you.

You are special and don’t exist typically… But I’m glad you do.

You are so much like me… Twinning… Yet different. You are independent and don’t need me. But you have grown to want me and value who I am as a person.

I trust you completely.

It was rough… I don’t know the details… But nothing you did was ever wrong or evil… Or even a mistake… It was suppose to happen…

You often said you regret things… And that’s your truth… But honestly I never cared about anyone’s feelings… Just yours… I wanted to know where your head was…

Everything was so contradicting and I never could believe or understand… Setting things aside and directly… All is forgiven… Just blue talk and laughs… And love… What a ride.

You only ever did the best you could. You always do. Thank u.

You ride for me, I am yours… I know this now. As you are mine. Only you. I cut all old energies off forever and evermore.

Thank you for being you. I cant wait to travel and spend my life with you and build something that will last forever..

Lastly, I cant wait to make love to you… But our souls will long before we touch….

Can’t wait till we reunite… Its been a hard time apart.

I miss you.

I love you,
Your weirdo


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