Love Letters to Her

by Salvador ( South Africa )

To the next guy…

Some people search for a million things in a person and they can never find it because they are looking for things unreal.

Some want a calm person who can never lose their temper, some want someone who is lavish towards them but thrifty on others. Some want immense intellect but not so much to cause an inferiority conflict, some want a hunk / bombshell for themselves but they want the want the world to be envious without trying to make a move on them.  Some want a stallion or wild one inside the house and outside a quiet person.

People look for a world of things in one person but don’t find it and then they go searching from person to person still unable to find it.

Truth be told you can find everything in one person, everything you need.

There is a person who is hard to describe.  A person whom when you meet, you can’t help but smile at them.

If everything in the world is harsh to you, just by looking at that person every pain and problem disappears. You can sit for hours listening to their stories and events they wish to share even fall asleep listening to them. Not because they are boring but because you tired yourself out.

There is this someone who is strong on the outside but soft and delicate on the inside.

Hard and strong as the most invincible armour which nothing, no problem, no hate, no negative forces, no horrendous matters can penetrate.

If you are worthy and if you are given the honour of passing through that hard exterior then you will reach a centre, a centre like nothing ever imaginable. So welcoming, soft, delicate, beautiful.

When wounded it nurtures you, when hungry it feeds you, when in doubt it advises you, when tense it eases you, when in love it loves you a thousand times over.

This person, well she is right in front of you.

This person when hurt will forgive but will also be cautious. This person is like no other ever born or made. This person can be a home to comfort you and be by your side, or they can be the executioner.

She liked me, we had some small similarities, we always loved each other’s company.

I had never been so madly in love before and that too with someone who was so amazing.

I spent my time reassuring her that I was hers, amidst all of that I neglected to give her the simplest of things she asked from me.

No woman will ever stand by me through the ups and downs as she did. She helped me understand myself, my goals, my objectives. When I failed a test, she was the first person I called. When I got robbed, she was the first person I rushed off too.

She is my home.

People have all the wealth and still are unhappy, she was my wealth, my world and without her I was unhappy.

She compromised her families values and rules, to be more considerate towards me.

The things she did for me nobody would even think of doing let alone do.

You know it’s the simple things I remember. I never used to let anyone do anything for me because I am a self-made man. Yet I look forward to her making me a cup of tea even if it is not sweet at all.

If she cooked me dholl and rice every day I would eat it with so much of happiness because I know she would have cooked it with love for me. She set an example of theft for me, lol stealing gift wrap within gift wrap.

She snuck out to see me, to spend time with me.

We even had a rain moment. I even locked her in the boot once but she survived.

She loves sweet stuff but not too much or her tummy pains. Always loves spicy foods. She has her own taste in music, so if she mentions a song, go and download it, listen, memorize and sing it to her.

On that note, if you hear her sing, your heart will melt.

She has a beautiful voice.

Never ever let her buy something impulsively, she will like it the same time but regret it the next day.

Never judge her, just suggest to her you opinion because remember there is no such thing as right or wrong, you both have different opinions.

She is moody, you can be candyfloss to her in one moment and the next you can be pushed off a building. Never instigate unless she wants to speak. She is very delicate at her heart right now. Don’t hurt her.

She doesn’t need that. She needs love when she feels down. She needs reassurance when in doubt, she needs food all the time.

She loves hugs. Those tight squishy ones but not too tight it hurts her, everyday.

She loves morning kisses (if you get put off by her bad morning breathe before she brushes her teeth, just pretend it’s okay).

She loves peanut butter sandwiches and tea for breakfast.

If you get her something, get something simple. She isn’t into the fancy stuff. Spoil her more with your time and love than material things.

Never lie to her, she may forgive you but it breaks her trust in you and that no matter how long will be hard to repair.

Always remain loyal and faithful to her, you even pick your head up at another girl or flirt then you better shoot yourself now. Never no matter what, don’t do anything to make her jealous.

You love her, talk about her to others, make them jealous of the most amazing girl you have in your life.

She will do things for you if you ask but never force her. She will love you with all her heart and soul and give you her everything.

Just always honour her name and reputation.

If she and her family sets rules, abide by them and don’t ever break them, you will end up hurting her. Don’t be forward and don’t be a jerk. Rather lose a fight today than lose her forever.

Her memory is that of a 1245405035GB Hard drive. It will remember everything.

Always motivate her, guide her, show her, her true potential. Never disclose faults she may have. Rather speak to her and tell her what you noticed and ask her to be aware of it too. Never be closed to letting her do the same for you. You are the equal halves to each other.

Share your problems, your joys, your dreams, aspirations, adventures with each other. You are each others best friend and spouses for life. Come what may no matter how tough things get, don’t give up on her or don’t leave her side.

Friends come and go, good times and bad times come and go, problems and joys too, but the person who stands by you will remain as your comforter and support through everything.

When she is angry or hurt, give her space, she needs time to calm down and reflect.

Don’t jump the gun and storm in to fight, always look to work things out. A tiff between the both of you should remain as such, let not the outside world know of it for it could make things worse.

Love, respect, cherish, be honest, trust her, remain loyal and faithful to her. This is all she asks for.

Give her this and you will walk side by side with the most amazing beautiful creation present on this earth. Guide her so that you may lead her to jannah. She needs you and she seeks your support.

Love her with all your heart, she is your world, you everything. Remember Love Allah(swt), fear him and love her for his sake.

You may ask who am I giving you this lengthy description of this wonderful woman.

To that I say, I am not important, I am just a faded memory from her life.

Question her not and doubt her neither for she is virtuous and chaste. I am the one who failed to listen and hurt her.

I broke her heart and for that I cried every moment knowing I broke the heart of the woman who meant everything to me and I lost her.

She guided me to being a better human and better Muslim, had I only listened when I was in her life I would be where you are right now.

She gave me her love, her support and was always there for me.

What she gave me was enough. She taught me the meaning of contentment and frugality. Her love was enough for me to survive.  All I ever needed was her.

I saw my future with her, she was my best friend, I saw her as my soul mate, I saw her as my everything. I will continue to love her for loving her within me helps me live day by day.

You have the world’s most priceless treasure in front of you, I valued her and loved her beyond all measures but I made the mistake of hurting her.

I apologized but I guess it was too late. Now I live with what I have left of her in my heart.

Do not fear my words or think of them as rash but I truly loved her and I will forever love her. In my duas and every breathe I whisper her name, praying for her and asking Allah(swt) to protect her and keep her happy.

She is the woman you would give everything up for except Allah(swt). She is the woman who meant the world to me and I loved her eternally

Take this letter as a guide to prevent you from walking down the road I am on now, a road where a broken heart and a lifetime of moments and memories is all I have left.

A road where I wish I could have worked things out with her and resolved our problems.


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