Love Letters to Her

by Carl (Iowa)

My beautiful baby,

Things I am thankful for……….

I’m thankful for the person you are.

For how you make me feel.

I’m thankful for the love we share.

For what we have been able to say to each other.

I’m thankful for how sensual and physical you are with me.

For bearing your soul with me.

I’m thankful for times we have talked and talked and talked some more.

For friendship beyond measure.

I’m thankful for souls connected for eternity.

For the “Gosh I hope so’s” and other things just between us.

I’m thankful for times of making love and times of deep pain.

For it means that we matter to each other.

I’m thankful for trust and love and respect.

For moments when there are “no words”.

I’m thankful for being in love with my best friend.




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