Love Letters to Her

by JN

To Yadi,

I know I always come off as corny because I do these types of acts, but when you’re as happy of a man as I am then these seem reasonable.

So Yadi here’s another one of those long boring love notes where I talk about how special you are to me and how much I love you, but I wanna try something different this time, I wanna talk about how I make you feel and what I do for you.

When I first met you, you were coming off something serious that hurt you , even till this day! You received a message from this unknown person on Facebook and like any normal person would’ve done, you could’ve left me on read, but you didn’t.

Instead you gave a ginger haired man a shot. A shot that’s well… it’s a shot of a lifetime because that’s what we are, a lifetime of joy and happiness.

You didn’t seem too intrigued in me at first but I had to keep going and try to convince you into liking me which eventually for the weirdest reason you did.

Here we are several months later and we’re semi-official.

It’s something I cherish and take great pride in because just the fact that I have you and we talk is something I wanna yell out to the world.

I know I bring you great happiness and help you forget about your past. I’m the person who fulfills your needy needs, you’re human alarm clock.

I’m just someone who always looks out for you and that’s something you best get used to.

Now if you made it this far, congrats you love me.

Thank you dork for making me smile on a daily basis. I was confused my whole life and never thought love would find me, but here you are. You stepped into my life and completely threw that out the window.

I know there are times where you question my love, and think if it’s true or not , but my love for you is different.

I love candy but it doesn’t fill my heart up with joy or the amount of excitement that Yadira Q. does.

I love you baby, I will always be here for you no matter the outcome. You completely won over my heart.

God bless you nerd , I hope everything you ever desire in life comes true to form. I hope I’m a part of it all to annoy you through it.

I love you.

You’re Boyfriend Carlitos


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