Love Letters to Her

by J.S ( Waco, Texas )

Dear You,

Happy Birthday my love! I don’t always buy you the right gift so I thought I would write you a few words, too.

Today is the day we celebrate you. But what you may not know, and should, is that I celebrate you every day. I might not say it or show it, but I feel it.

From the first moment I saw you, to every moment since—my heart beats for you. I can’t imagine a day in my life without seeing your face. To say without you I am nothing is an understatement. You know when couples realize that they found their soul mates? We take that one step farther—you are my everything.

I still get an electric charge when you hold my hand. To look in your eyes makes me not only see hope and happiness but also to feel that.

Love begins with the sunrise and remains eternal by starlight. Tonight, look up into the sky and know that the stars are shining on you. I only need to stay in your orbit to feel the power you hold. Were the stars to burn out, your smile would keep me going.

Your compassion for others is boundless. And for that, you deserve to get back great joy from the outpouring of love that comes from your generous spirit. I witness it daily. Through your generous actions, you inspire me how to live, how to share and how to love. For all the heartache in the world, the sadness and the pain, there is kindness to a life that gives me a gift as precious as your love.

Let’s pause and remember that today is your special day.

There will be cake and presents but what lasts after the party is my love for you. When you blow out the candles and make your wish, know that I am making a wish too. I want us together forever, with each year happier than the last.

You are my gift. All I ask is that you promise me that we will always be side by side, moving through our crazy life together. Dreams come and go, but the love we share is my constant paradise. If I can make you as happy as you make me, then my life is complete.

Today is yours. Tomorrow is ours.

Now close your eyes, make a wish. And watch me make that dream come true.




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