Long Distance Love Letters

by Mable ( USA )

You know when I think about it
We aren’t that far apart
When you look up you realize that we are still
Under the same sky

We squint at the same sun
Wish on the same star
Gaze at the same moon

When I think about it there are a lot of things farther from me to you
That very same thing we share ( the sun, the moon, the stars)
Are over 200,000 miles from the both of us
So we are a lot closer then you realize

Time is our only enemy
The months, the weeks, the days, the hours, minutes, seconds
Are the only thing keeping us apart

But with each passing month, week, day, minute, second
We get closer until the last second when there will be no space
Between us any more then soon time
will be the only thing keeping us together
… forever

So do not miss me because it is only for a matter of time
And so when you think about it
We aren’t that far apart after all


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