Long Distance Love Letters

by 语嫣 Yu Yan

Hello, my love!

How are you? I want to let you know that there’s a person in one corner of the world, miles away from you, who loves you immensely.  Although we are continent’s apart, my flame for you grows stronger, and always will.

I feel like you and I are birds flying in the sky as one and branches growing on the earth as one.
(It is a Chinese saying that may not translate well but expresses my love for you and hope for our future.)

I want to thank you and the heaven’s above for the amazing eight months you’ve given me. It was a dream living in the same city. To walk hand in hand in the evening with you melts my heart when I think about it.

Everything has its good and bad and this is true of any relationship. The distance we are feeling physically right now is a part of the bad but we must focus on the good.

Think of older generations who didn’t have computers, phones, texts, or Skype… or any other way of communicating other than through letter writing which could take weeks to arrive? For what we do have, I am so very grateful.

I think we are lucky and our ‘bad’ is ‘not so bad’.  Yes we are in a long distance relationship but only physically. Emotionally we are connected every day. The time difference is sometimes a challenge but we will keep fighting it, the way we have for the last few months.

Just a few more months I hope. Okay? And then we will be back in each other’s arms, walking hand in hand, and again create lots of memories. Time will fly, you will see. Trust me.

I will always stay with you, because is my eyes you are the most beautiful.

I love you. Take care… I know we will see each other later on Skype but I wanted to have something over the web that remained for eternity to reflect the love I have for you.

If you are safe and sound, the sky will be blue.

Yours forever Yu Yan ( 语嫣 )


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